How To Tap Into The Currency Of YOU & Manufacture Fame In Your Niche In Just 45 Days!


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If you want to build a rabid & loyal fan, subscriber, and customer base then Niche Famous is the most important course you'll ever take part in. 


Tom Cronin

"There is one person that I attribute a great deal of my success to today.

Jason Moffatt not only saw something in me that, at the time, I wasn't able to see, but he inspired me to make it a reality. The guy is the coolest dude."

Kristin Thompson

"Jason Moffatt is the KING of being likeable and famous in your niche. I wouldn't be where I am today - having built a business with $500,000 in sales, working in the office 3 days a week, had I not met Jason. Find the opportunity to learn some magic from Jason and it will pay back tenfold!"

Get Niche Famous

Robin Nolan

"Jason was instrumental in helping me reach the world with my message and online products. He has been an inspiration ever since. A 24-carat top agent!"

Here's Exactly What You'll Get With Niche Famous...

Module 1: The Art Of Authenticity

Tapping Into The Uniqueness Of You!

In The Art Of Authenticity Module You Will Discover...

1. How to tap into true your authentic self and uncover all your hidden and suppressed talents that deserve to shine. Your uniqueness is the most valuable asset you possess and this module will expose how to leverage that uniqueness and all that is amazing within you!

2. Proven techniques back by neuroscience that expands your brain in a way that develops deeper empathy with your tribe and all those around you. If you want to get people to know, like, and trust you, this will open the floodgates to new friends, relationships, and lucrative business partners.

3. Frank Kern's historic "Core Influence" presentation. In this video you'll go through an exercise that helps you better understand your true desires. It will also expose the core desires and physcological triggers that motivate your audience to eagerly buy from you.

4. How to get into the zone to achieve success in any desired outcome. If you can dream it, this Hollywood acting coach can help you make it a reality. Many of the acting secrets he teaches movie stars are directly translatable to online videos and marketing.

5. A Stillness exercise that will radically calm the entreprenurial hamster wheel running your mind. This 20 minute exercise will actually give you more time, more peace, more purpose, and even more income when you do it.

6. The most motivational video I've ever seen that clearly describes much of the Niche Famous process. This lifetime Wall Street professional blows the lid off of the idea that "perception is reality". In this video you'll realize without a shadow of a doubt that you are in control of your destiny and it's up to YOU to take life be the reigns and steer the ship in any direction you see fit. 

Module 2: Story Time

How To Tell Stories That Inspire, Engage, and Make Money!

In The Story Time Module You Will Discover...

1. How to exploit common stories to inspire, connect, and collect massive pay days from your readers. The techniques are so effective it's almost like hypnotizing the readers.

2. The single most important man who will help you launch a best selling book. Veteran publishing guru exposes the exact blueprint he's used to launched 83 consecutive best sellers and over 1000 Amazon best sellers. You could be next!

3. Are you or your copywriter making these common mistakes with your sales message? One of the worlds most respected legends in copywriting John Carlton exposes a simple way to transform your copy from mediocre to mind-boggling.

4. 7 Story Secrets that will captivate, engage, and hook your readers every time. Ex sitcom writer Vin Montello reveals 7 sure-fire templates that took him from an average Hollywood writer to a world reknown story teller and online success phenomenon.

5. The truth about what makes stories really work. Co-writer of the Toy Story movies reveals the clues to an epic story.

Module 3: Know Your Network

How To Get People To Know You And Build A Loyal Following!

In The Know Your Network Module You Will Discover...

1. What you must do immediately if you want to become a well known and highly paid influencer in your industry.

2. The insider scoop on how to get celebrities to promote your products and services even if no one has ever heard of you before. Plus, you'll discover where to get the secret celebrity rolodex that shows you how to contact tons of A-Listers!

3. The exact blueprint on how to create your own podcast, radio, or internet tv show. This is the easiest way to connect with influencers and celebrities.

4. Behind the scenes training on a SELF-PERPETUATING LEAD MACHINE that will help you to build a list on near auto pilot. This training will show you how to get your first 1000 subscribers and many more.

5. How interviewing people can kill 5 birds with 1 stone. There is no quicker way to amass content, search engine rankings, sales, connections and more than via the power of interviewing. And you're about to learn from the best tv show host I've ever seen in my entire life.  

Module 4: The Likeability Factor

How To Get People To Like and LOVE You!

In The Likeability Factor Module You Will Discover...

1. The quickest and easiest way to endear people to you, your cause, and your product. Best selling author Tim Sanders unloads a wealth of info about Likeability and we are there to break down every ounce of it for you. 

2. The one thing you can do instantly after a sale to make a fan and customer for life. The beautiful thing is that this takes less than 3 minutes and will have a positive impact for years and years. 

3. If you want to put a smile on someone's face and have 30 seconds of spare time, this clever Facebook trick will delight just about everyone you present it to

4. How to get a free copy of the most powerful and time tested personal growth manuscript released in the last 100 years.

5. Are you horrible at remembering people's names? Dont' worry, most people are. This sneaky little exercise will ensure you never forget an important name again. Master this skill and people will never forget you. 

6. What never to do with your voice when you're speaking on a podcast, interview, on stage, or video. Most people do this and it's what seperates the pros from the amateurs. 

Module 5: The Circle Of Trust

How To Get Anyone To Instantly Trust You.

In The Circle Of Trust Module You'll Discover...

1. The truth about why strangers don't believe or trust you and how to change that in a matter of minutes.

2. The 4 core elements of trust and how to stay in alignment with any project you take on. Embrace these elements and you'll have an army of devotees on your side. 

3. Better than just a testimonial. Discover how to get glowing reviews and praise from important people that can give your product the credibility it needs. 

4. The single most important thing you can do to establish instant authority in any market, even if no one has ever heard your name.

Module 6: How To Get Paid

How To Turn Your Niche Fame Into Real Money!

In The How To Get Paid Module You'll Discover...


1. How to ask for the sale without feeling like a slimy or douchy used car salesman. In fact, once you try this you'll actually love sales because it leaves the prospect feeling heard and cared for. 

2. Alternative payment methods that many guru's have no clue about. There are so many ways to collect money online that are flying under the radar. I will expose them all to you. 

3. WARNING: Chargebacks and refunds can kill a merchant account faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100 yard dash. Discover how to eliminate fraudulant chargebacks and refunds 100% of the time. (We still encourage you to follow your guarantee policy though). 

4. The quickest and easiest way to attract an army of affiliates that will promote your products and services. Joint venture traffic is some of the best traffic in existance and you'll be drowning in it if you follow these easy steps. 

5. What one thing you can say to close almost any deal unless the prospect is certifiably crazy. This takes all the risk away from the buyer. 

Massive Bonus Package Worth $2695

You'll Also Get All Of These Bonuses With Your Purchase Today. However, You Must ACT-FAST Because Some Of These Bonuses (ie personal coaching) Could Be Gone At Any Second Depending Upon Demand!

This Entire Bonus Package Includes...


1. The Pencil Money Copywriting Course Valued at $497.

In the Pencil Money course you'll discover how to turn words into cash. Copywriting is a skill that will forever put food on your plate. This bonus alone is worth the entire cost of this course on it's own and will open you up to unlimited amount of possibilities. Click here to see more about the Pencil Money Course

2. Quick Money Hacks & The Advanced Money Hacks Valued at $74.

Need to rustle up some quick cash? That's why I created these money hacks. You'll discover over a dozen quick and easy hacks that anyone can do to pull in some quick cash. I can't promise you'll become a millionaire overnight with these hacks, but they are perfect if you need to cover some bills like rent, car payment, or random bills. Click here to see more about Quick Money Hacks.  

3. Write, Send, Collect Pro Email Marketing Program valued at $97. 

You've probably heard it a million times... "The Money Is In The List". With Write, Send, Collect, you'll discover how to build a list and write emails that have people anticipating your next email like a season finale of Breaking Bad. Every big time guru I know makes the bulk of their money via email marketing and this is a must-have for any marketer. Click here to see more about Write, Send, Collect

4. The Profit Moffatt Private Facebook Mastermind Group.

Get access today and I'll grant you access into my private Facebook mastermind where you can connect with like minded entrepreneurs, ask for help when needed, get critiques, secure joint venture partners, and share your success stories. Together, we're a lot smarter together than going at it alone.

5. A Personal Copy Of My New Book "The Art Of Authenticity".

You'll get a physical copy of my new book "The Art Of Authenticity" will be shipped to your door. You'll also get a PDF copy and a mp3 audio copy that you can listen to on your iPod, phone, computer, or in your car. This is a value of $39.99 as it also comes with 4 custom "It Factor" videos. Click here to see more about The Art Of Authenticity.

6. Be A Guest On My iTunes "Profit Moffatt Show"

Got an entreprenurial story or product you'd like to share with the world? Complete the Niche Famous program and I'll book you onto the show. I'll even email my subscriber base about it and invite them to listen. Heck, get just a sale or two from the broadcast and you could pay for your entire Niche Famous purchase. And, if you have a show yourself, I'll come onto your show as a guest if you ask. Click here to see past episodes of the show

7. 2 Hours Of Personal Consulting Time Valued AT $1,000!

I routinely charge $500 per hour for personal consulting but you will get 2 free hours once you complete the Niche Famous course. Simply send me your accountability sheets so I can see your progress and I'll personally help you out with each module. If you're bad at math and just want the consulting by itself, you can click here to see my consulting services offered

8. The Reverse Shark Tank Method Valued At $1,000

This is the bonus that everyone has been raving about. I'm sure you are familiar with the TV show Shark Tank right? Well, imagine being able to acquire equity shares of companies, but instead of you having to invest money in the companies, the companies instead pay you to come on board. And the best part is, they will give you a slice of the pie. I know it's a bit hard to fathom how this is possible, but when you achieve niche fame, normal rules go right out the window.

Think about this... would you pay Mark Cuban (or one of the other Sharks) $15,000 and give them 10% of your company if they were willing to come on board and help you? For many of us, that's a no brainer YES! The amount we stand to make with that kind of marketing muscle is astronomical. And when you become Niche Famous, that's exactly that type of opportunities that present themselves to you. 

If you're an SEO wizard, star studded copywriter, or a Niche Famous Influencer of some sort, your ability to increase companies revenues can be off the charts. And people will handsomely and gladly pay for the chance to work with you. In this bonus module, you'll discover how to land these type of deals, how to pitch them, and how to follow through so all sides are as happy as a clam. Realistically, this training could be worth tens of thousands of dollars to you, but I priced it at an even $1,000 just to be realistic.

My Personal Guarantee To You

Take the Niche Famous course for a full 30 days and if you don't believe it's hands down worth every penny and then some, I'll refund you every cent right away. The truth is, there's really nothing like this on the market and I know you're going to be more than delighted and blown away with your purchase today! 

Get Niche Famous Now!

If you want to build a rabid & loyal fan, subscriber, and customer base then Niche Famous is the most important course you'll ever take part in. Give me 6 weeks, and I'll make you Niche Famous... GUARANTEED!