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Consulting Services

There's one particular question that I've heard hundreds of times over the years that makes me absolutely cringe. 

That question is... 

"Can I pick your brain?"

I know it's an innocent question and people don't want to literally pick at my brain, but for some reason, those words are like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. 

Also, it implies that I give away valuable business advice for free. If I can knock a question out of the park in a few minutes for someone, sure, I'll take a stab and be helpful. 

But if someone wants me to sit down and spew my guts on how to make a ton of money on their project, it's only fair that I'm compensated. 

I very rarely take on any consulting clients anymore because most of my time is spent working with joint venture partners and existing clients. However, from time to time a few slots can open up. 

My rates for consulting are $500 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. 

If this is something you'd like to explore, please fill out the contact box below. 


Jason "Profit" Moffatt

PS: I'm, insanely picky about the type of people and projects I will consult for. I must like you personally, and I must believe that your product or service is of the utmost value to all parties involved. Please don't take offense if I decline to work with you as there are numerous niches that I don't feel comfortable working with.

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