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I've been teaching entrepreneurs how to lever the power of the internet in unique and out of the box ways for over 16 years. If you desire to get paid what you're truly worth and want to discover a much easier path for wealth accumulation, I invite you to read more below...

My Story


I got the nickname “Profit Moffatt” from my friend Joseph D when I was around 17 years old. Ever since I was a young boy I was infected with an entrepreneurial spirit to the core.
I remember going door to door with a shopping cart when I was 10 years old asking people if I could take back their soda and beer cans for the recycling money. At .05 cents a can or bottle, I could easily get a stack of quarters to plug into the Excitebike arcade game at the corner store that I loved so much.
By the age of 12, I already had a cush job selling newspaper subscriptions for The Oregonian. Sure, it was an illegal child labor racket but I didn’t care. I was pocketing $25 a day for knocking on doors and I wasn't even a teenager yet. No way was I ratting that dude out even if he did shuttle us kids around in a shady van. I was more than appreciative of the opportunity. 
In the 8th grade, I began slanging candy to kids in school. By my freshman year in high school, I graduated to selling fifths of vodka out of my locker. From there, it progressively got worse and worse until Johnny Law caught up with me. Soon after, my own conscience caught up to me too and I vowed to only use my hustle and wits in an honest and ethical manner. 
Throughout my teenage years, I would buy and sell whatever I could get my hands on. I’d scour the classified ads in the newspapers every day to discover any way that I could make a buck. I’d flip bikes, cars, used futons, washers and dryers, and whatever would make me a quick buck. Heck, I wasn’t opposed to pulling weeds if it would put a dollar in my pocket. Hard work was something I never shied away from. To this day I can list over 65 jobs that I've held at some point in my life.
I've worked in restaurants, almost all aspects of construction, as a cab driver, private detective, salesman, magician, political activist, pedicab operator, poker coach, commercial fisherman, Hawaiian tour guide, and much more.  Like I mentioned, I've never been afraid of hard work. 
Once I got on the internet around 2003, all of this real-world employment and sales experience helped to quickly build a profitable online presence. Since I didn’t know much about web design or building websites, I used my Sony handicam to make videos before most people were doing anything video related. This was well before YouTube even existed.
It was then when I realized how easy it was to attract a rabid and devoted audience if you had something valuable to share with others.  


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My Courses


Stop chasing after clients and start scoring million-dollar equity deals. 

Niche Famous

The ultimate shortcut for creating a 6 or 7 figure influencer business. 

Pencil Money

How to turn your pen or pencil into your own personal ATM machine! 

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