Imagine You & Me In A Hawaiian Paradise
Making Money While You're On Vacation!
 We Call It A "Maui-Worcation"

The Best Part Is... You Can Write Most Of It Off As A Business Expense! * fine print = speak with your tax attorney

Why This Worcation Will Be So Amazing...

This Will Be The Vacation You'll Never Forget For The Rest Of Your Life

They say Maui is "No Ka Oi", which means "The Best". And they are right. Maui is a precious gem unlike any place in the world. With so much diversity and access to stunning beauty, there are thousands of opportunities to snap pictures and videos that you'll be able to cherish for a lifetime. Not only will those pictures and videos remind you of the epic experience, but you can also use that content in your marketing, which I'll help you do. I have a nice DSLR camera and GoPro action cameras to capture your experience. 

A Chance To Work On Your Business In A Relaxed Environment With Fresh Eyes! 

If you're anything like 99% of the entrepreneurs I know, you're often so emotionally invested in your business it's not always easy to see things clearly. It's doubtful many know your business better than you, but sometimes it's a wise idea to take a step back and analyze your site or funnel from a fresh perspective. And it's beyond helpful to have a guy like myself help you fine tune your copy, your offer and your sales process to maximize conversions. It's quite likely that one little tweak could pay for your entire trip. 

Another Reason You Should Come To Maui... "It's Tax Deductible!"

As long as we're conducting legitimate business while you're here, you can write off most of the experience as a tax write off. Now keep in mind I'm not a tax attorney, and this isn't legal advice, so make sure you know the laws or regulations in your country or consult your tax attorney before taking this as a rock-solid guarantee. 

You'll Experience What The "Aloha Spirit" Is All About! 

Aloha is much more than just a word used when saying hello or goodbye. It's an attitude and a way of life. Aloha is about being part of a bigger picture beyond just ourselves. It's about integrating with your family, community and the aina (the land) in a way that works collectively for the whole instead of selfishly for one person. I guarantee if you experience the Aloha Spirit and implement it in your business, you'll see a dramatic increase in your connection with your customers. That type of connection is often the intangible piece that can help your business skyrocket!  

Here's Just A Few Of The Amazing Activities You Can Choose From

There's a lot more options that this, but this gives you a brief idea of handful of things.
snorkeling maui
Snorkeling Trips

Maui has some of the best snorkeling in the world & I know where a ton of turtles like to hang out every day! The reef fish are stunning too. 

maui surfing
Surfing Trips

Whether you're an advanced surfer who wants to shortboard, or a newbie who wants to longboard or ride a Stand Up Paddle, I got you covered. 

maui whale watching
Whale Watching

If you choose whale season, you'll be just in time to see FREE WILLIE and all his buddies splashing it up in the ocean. It's an incredible sight to see. 

maui waterfall
Waterfall Trips

Maui has some of the best waterfalls I've ever seen. Lounge in some of the most pristine and gorgeous waters known to man. 

maui fishing
Fishing Trips

Maui has incredible big game fishing for fish like Ono, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish and even Marlin. There's kayak fishing tours, spear fishing or sport boat fishing.

maui biking haleakala
Bike Riding Down Volcano

I used to be a tour guide and rode down the Haleakala volcano every day. It's a 38 mile downhill that will blow your mind. There's also off-road options as well. 

About Jason "Profit" Moffatt...

"I've been a successful online marketer since around 2005 and have coached and consulted for hundreds of entrepreneurs during that time. I also used to be a Hawaiian tour guide here in Maui back in 1999. I intimately know almost every square inch of the island and can provide you an epic vacation like no other. 

During your stay it's my number one goal to make sure you have an experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Also, I want to do everything in my power to make sure the trip is a profitable one as well. After all, that's what a
Worcation is all about."

jason moffatt signature

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"Spending time with Jason has been one of my best investments."

"Not only is he a great guy with awesome ideas, he cares about you getting a result. Importantly, he goes above and beyond what you would expect. Make the time to have a talk with him. He's given me 50% more info and shown more care than other coaches/mentors."

Clive Murphy (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"He lives a life that others pretend to live."

"I've known Jason Moffatt for around 9 years now and he's one of the smartest web marketers I know. He lives a lifestyle that others pretend to live too, using cutting edge technology and the still semi-hidden secrets of making money online to fuel his days of maximum fun and minimum work, living where he wants to live, doing what he wants to do. It's freaking inspiring! I never hesitate to recommend J-Mo's stuff to my list, to my colleagues, and to my friends."

John Carlton (
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
perry belcher

"Jason, you're a genius!"

"Jason, you're a genius, you're a smart guy, and people should do what you tell them to do."

Perry Belcher (

Is this Worcation Right for You?

Let's face it, this Worcation is not for everyone. Here's a few tips about who it is and isn't for...


  • Entrepreneurs who want to kick back, relax and have the vacation of a lifetime while making money in the process. 
  • Those who understand this is not an expense but an investment in yourself and business. Hey, most of the trip can be written off on your taxes as a business expense. 
  • People who want to learn about the incredible Hawaiian culture and all that Maui has to offer. 
  • People who want to create new bonds and friendships.


  • If you hate to fly, you're probably screwed. 
  • Anyone who I don't personally jive with. I like to work with very positive individuals who work well with others. 
  • Rigid people who have no adaptability. Maui weather can change on a dime. 
  • Those who aren't respectful of the Hawaiian culture and the aina, aka "the land". The last thing you want to be is the annoying and clueless haole in Hawaii. 

So What Exactly Is Maui Like?

I choose some amazing videos of Maui across the web to give you an example of what your trip could be like. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. These videos are going to make you wish you were here tomorrow. 

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  • 5 Strategy Sessions
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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Where will I stay? Is lodging included? 

What kind of activities can we do? 

Where will we eat? What will we eat? 

Do you have a refund policy? 

Will I need a rental car? 

What kind of clothes should I pack? 

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