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90 Day Video Challenge


#34: Taking A Break To Repair My Gut

If you’ve been following my 90 Video Challenge you probably noticed that I stopped posting videos last week. At the time I was in Los Angeles at an event and I did film my daily videos, but was having a horrible time getting them to upload in the hotel that I was staying in. Then I noticed that during the rendering process iMovie had totally botched the audio and video and neither were synched together properly.

So when I got home I was a few days behind. No biggie, I’ll just film a few more videos and catch up was my thought. But one day turned into two, and two into three. Then I started getting a little anxious, and when I get anxious it starts to contribute to my guy pain I’ve been experiencing over the last few weeks.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on inside my stomach, but I need to give it every bit of attention it needs. And I also need to omit every ounce of stress possible in my life. I have no idea if it’s an ulcer, appendicitis, a polyp or just massive dehydration from all that hot yoga. But I do know that it royally sucks.

So until I can resolve what’s going on I need to completely relax as much as possible and not worry about being forced to make a video every day. I’m headed to Cabo San Lucas Mexico today for some serious R & R and I’m praying I get some closure on what’s going on inside.

I was really enjoying making videos and I’m still going to do so, but I just don’t want the pressure lingering in the back of my mind each day that I have to. If I were healthy, I’d force myself to finish, but at this point I think it’s crazy of me to not do everything to just relax as much as possible so I can get back to optimum health.

Thanks for understanding.