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#34 Doing Things You Don’t Wanna Do


Let’s face it, there’s a roster of things on your To-Do List that you don’t actually want to do. But what separates the winners and losers in life and business is those that roll up their sleeves and just Get Er Done!

I did not want to record this podcast today. In fact, I didn’t even want to get out of bed. But you know what? I’m no quitter. So, here’s episode #34 all about doing the tough things that you may not want to do.

#26 Silly Characters w/ Brad Gosse


Recently Brad Gosse pissed off about a million Indians in India over a stolen Jesus graphic. What ensued was 2 days or hilarity and death threats in very broken English on Facebook.

Listen in as Brad talks about his experience with Indian thieves and customers threatening unscrupulous chargebacks. And make sure you check out his site for some of the best vector images and characters you can use on your websites, videos and promotional materials.