Leveraging Offline Marketing With Luke Jaten EP4

Feb 17, 2015

On episode #4 of the Profit Moffatt Show we sit down and chat with Luke Jaten about offline marketing. You’ll be amazed at how putting physical & tangible goods into the hands of prospects increases conversion rates and profits.


As usual, here are the links to resources we mention during the show.


1. Send Out Cards: Super cool service to send thank you cards to customers, prospects, friends and family members. (If you want to give a whirl for free, hit me up and I’ll get you a coupon code.

2. Dollar Bill Grabber: Gary Halbert does a great explanation of grabbers here.

3. Marketing Mayhem: Very lively and active internet marketing seminar and networking event.

4. Keith Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone: Fantastic book about networking.

5. Basic Greens: The faster, cheaper, easier alternative to juicing.