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SEO Advice You Probably Don’t Want To Hear

In todays post I’m going to give you some SEO advice that you probably don’t want to hear. However, if you follow this advice you’ll stand a far better chance of ranking well in the search engines over the long haul.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while. It was nice to hear his voice and catch up on things we’ve missed over the last couple years.

Like many others, it seems his business sort of took a plunge recently and he’d begun moving in a new direction in his life and business, but like every entrepreneur I know, there’s a underlying addiction to all things internet marketing. He seems to be grasping at a handful of opportunities out there and was a bit unsure which one he should truly follow.

Now I will admit there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make a buck online. There is no end to the possibilities that exist. When one door closes, or a particular strategy seems to quit working, another one pops up around the corner. It never fails. And I reckon it will always be this way.

Anyhow, he asked me about a particular membership site that teaches a lot of SEO advice and whether or not I thought it was any good. I wasn’t going to name the service, but screw it… it’s called “Bring The Fresh“.

Bring The Fresh is run by a couple of guys named Kelly Felix (also known as the guy who created the infamous “Rich Jerk”) and Mike Long. Both are incredibly smart fellas. To be fully honest, I haven’t had the best relationship with these two over the years. I won’t go into specifics and spew out the drama, but lets just say I haven’t always liked the way these two have carried themselves.

Kelly Felix from Bring The Fresh

Kelly Felix from Bring The Fresh

Since Kelly parted ways from the Rich Jerk persona he’s grown up a lot, changed the way he does business and has proven himself to be a much nicer guy. I really dig that he’s into rescuing dogs, being a good dad and he treats his lady really good.

Lets move on.

There’s a ton of search engine optimization education out there and truthfully, I think most of it is rubbish and will actually hurt your sites more than it will help. However, I do believe that Bring The Fresh teaches very valuable information that you can learn and profit from. Keep in mind, I don’t claim to be a SEO wizard or know a whole lot about Google’s algorithm. What I do know is common sense.

And common sense tells me that if you are constantly trying to “game the system” or build links yourself in a manner that everyone else is doing, Google is going to catch up with you. Eventually they are going to spot trends and habitual behaviors that just don’t look natural and you’ll become a victim of one of their updates like Panda or Penguin.

So, here is the advice I gave my friend and the advice I’ve always given people over the years about SEO.

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You need to ask yourself are you in this for the long haul or are you just trying to hustle a quick buck? I’m not knocking you if you just want to make a quick cash grab. It’s totally possible, it’s just not my strategy for the most part.

My strategy is as follows and it’s not a quick fix…

If you want to attain really kick ass rankings in the search engines, what you need to do is provide AMAZING content! This doesn’t mean hiring some Indian outsourcer to write articles for you, slapping together a mediocre blog post that is stuffed with keywords, and it surely isn’t about modeling or copying someone else. It’s not about using software to get a bunch of links really quick and I surely don’t advise you to buy links anywhere.

What I do advise you to do is be really awesome. Create content that is so good that people naturally just want to share it with their friends. You know the saying… “Build it and they will come”? It’s true if and only if what you build is so incredible that people just genuinely want to share it.

The hard part is it’s not exactly easy to create awesome content for most people. They don’t live a life that is exciting or share worthy, they may not possess good writing skills, their graphics might suck, they don’t know how to tell a story, etc etc. Lets face it, not everyone is talented in certain areas of their life.

And that is where the gold is. It’s in YOUR TALENT!

When you are talented, people will RUSH to your stuff. They’ll share it with friends, family and social networking peers. And this will take place without you having to ask or employ some marketing tricks or hacks. It will happen because what you are doing is true value.

If you continually keep delivering real value it will not go unnoticed. Your recognition and traffic likely will not come overnight, but when it does come it will be authentic, organic and won’t be subjected to Google’s lethal daggers that will drop you faster than a hot potato.

This post is not a knock on those teaching SEO services. Like I said, I actually think programs like Bring The Fresh are beneficial and can teach you a lot.

However, nothing and I mean nothing will ever beat you delivering AMAZING content that is so good that the world can’t help but share with others. So get out there and start producing something you love, something you can’t wait to share just for the pure enjoyment of affecting and changing someones life, not for the back link or search engine rankings.


Jason Moffatt

PS: One of the reasons I decided to actually name Kelly and Mike’s service Bring The Fresh is because beyond teaching just SEO services, they both create content that is so stellar that it naturally gets traction because of the quality in which they put into their work. They are both very gifted writers, witty thinkers, and are a perfect example of what I’m trying to talk about in this post.

Here’s an example of a blog post Kelly did that qualifies as AMAZING content…

It’s raw, honest and very refreshing in a industry full of mediocre bullshit.

If you’d like to give Bring A Fresh a whirl, give it a shot. Their customers rave about them like mad, and they clearly bend over backwards to make sure they take care of their people. It’s quite a leap from the days of the Rich Jerk.

Simply watch the video below if you’d like to learn more about these guys…

Bring The Fresh 2012

Bring The Fresh 2012

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