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SEO Advice You Probably Don’t Want To Hear

In todays post I’m going to give you some SEO advice that you probably don’t want to hear. However, if you follow this advice you’ll stand a far better chance of ranking well in the search engines over the long haul.

Yesterday I got a call from a friend I haven’t heard from in a while. It was nice to hear his voice and catch up on things we’ve missed over the last couple years.

Like many others, it seems his business sort of took a plunge recently and he’d begun moving in a new direction in his life and business, but like every entrepreneur I know, there’s a underlying addiction to all things internet marketing. He seems to be grasping at a handful of opportunities out there and was a bit unsure which one he should truly follow.

Now I will admit there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to make a buck online. There is no end to the possibilities that exist. When one door closes, or a particular strategy seems to quit working, another one pops up around the corner. It never fails. And I reckon it will always be this way.

Anyhow, he asked me about a particular membership site that teaches a lot of SEO advice and whether or not I thought it was any good. I wasn’t going to name the service, but screw it… it’s called “Bring The Fresh“.

Bring The Fresh is run by a couple of guys named Kelly Felix (also known as the guy who created the infamous “Rich Jerk”) and Mike Long. Both are incredibly smart fellas. To be fully honest, I haven’t had the best relationship with these two over the years. I won’t go into specifics and spew out the drama, but lets just say I haven’t always liked the way these two have carried themselves.

Kelly Felix from Bring The Fresh

Kelly Felix from Bring The Fresh

Since Kelly parted ways from the Rich Jerk persona he’s grown up a lot, changed the way he does business and has proven himself to be a much nicer guy. I really dig that he’s into rescuing dogs, being a good dad and he treats his lady really good.

Lets move on.

There’s a ton of search engine optimization education out there and truthfully, I think most of it is rubbish and will actually hurt your sites more than it will help. However, I do believe that Bring The Fresh teaches very valuable information that you can learn and profit from. Keep in mind, I don’t claim to be a SEO wizard or know a whole lot about Google’s algorithm. What I do know is common sense.

And common sense tells me that if you are constantly trying to “game the system” or build links yourself in a manner that everyone else is doing, Google is going to catch up with you. Eventually they are going to spot trends and habitual behaviors that just don’t look natural and you’ll become a victim of one of their updates like Panda or Penguin.

So, here is the advice I gave my friend and the advice I’ve always given people over the years about SEO.

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You need to ask yourself are you in this for the long haul or are you just trying to hustle a quick buck? I’m not knocking you if you just want to make a quick cash grab. It’s totally possible, it’s just not my strategy for the most part.

My strategy is as follows and it’s not a quick fix…

If you want to attain really kick ass rankings in the search engines, what you need to do is provide AMAZING content! This doesn’t mean hiring some Indian outsourcer to write articles for you, slapping together a mediocre blog post that is stuffed with keywords, and it surely isn’t about modeling or copying someone else. It’s not about using software to get a bunch of links really quick and I surely don’t advise you to buy links anywhere.

What I do advise you to do is be really awesome. Create content that is so good that people naturally just want to share it with their friends. You know the saying… “Build it and they will come”? It’s true if and only if what you build is so incredible that people just genuinely want to share it.

The hard part is it’s not exactly easy to create awesome content for most people. They don’t live a life that is exciting or share worthy, they may not possess good writing skills, their graphics might suck, they don’t know how to tell a story, etc etc. Lets face it, not everyone is talented in certain areas of their life.

And that is where the gold is. It’s in YOUR TALENT!

When you are talented, people will RUSH to your stuff. They’ll share it with friends, family and social networking peers. And this will take place without you having to ask or employ some marketing tricks or hacks. It will happen because what you are doing is true value.

If you continually keep delivering real value it will not go unnoticed. Your recognition and traffic likely will not come overnight, but when it does come it will be authentic, organic and won’t be subjected to Google’s lethal daggers that will drop you faster than a hot potato.

This post is not a knock on those teaching SEO services. Like I said, I actually think programs like Bring The Fresh are beneficial and can teach you a lot.

However, nothing and I mean nothing will ever beat you delivering AMAZING content that is so good that the world can’t help but share with others. So get out there and start producing something you love, something you can’t wait to share just for the pure enjoyment of affecting and changing someones life, not for the back link or search engine rankings.


Jason Moffatt

PS: One of the reasons I decided to actually name Kelly and Mike’s service Bring The Fresh is because beyond teaching just SEO services, they both create content that is so stellar that it naturally gets traction because of the quality in which they put into their work. They are both very gifted writers, witty thinkers, and are a perfect example of what I’m trying to talk about in this post.

Here’s an example of a blog post Kelly did that qualifies as AMAZING content…

It’s raw, honest and very refreshing in a industry full of mediocre bullshit.

If you’d like to give Bring A Fresh a whirl, give it a shot. Their customers rave about them like mad, and they clearly bend over backwards to make sure they take care of their people. It’s quite a leap from the days of the Rich Jerk.

Simply watch the video below if you’d like to learn more about these guys…

Bring The Fresh 2012

Bring The Fresh 2012

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Jason Moffatt

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the most reliable paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs, health practitioners & those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little better than the last.

Facebook comments:

  • Chris Rempel says:

    I agree with you in part, Jason.

    Certainly, amazing content is a requirement for building a brand and retaining an audience. No quarrels there, and I do that myself.

    However, the fact is, SEO is not what it seems. “Great content” is not always rewarded. Nor is it even applicable, depending on your industry.

    Nobody is going to go and share amazing content about dental insurance. Or merchant cash advances. Or public records. Even though those examples are big-dollar niches.

    Google (Post-Panda, Post-Penguin) has NOT “cleaned things up”. In fact, now it’s even easier to rank if you’re using an exact-match domain.

    This is evident from our own testing, our own rankings, and most prevalently – from watching crap / scraper sites overtake our own quality authority sites (REAL sites), just because they know how to react to Google’s whims.

    Now, before you say “well yeah but that’s not a long-term strategy”.

    You’re wrong. It is. Those types of sites are rolled out by the dozen on a weekly basis for minimal cost, but insane effectiveness.

    Google’s algos will always change. All things can be simulated and reverse-engineered. Therefore, this is an eternal cycle, in the world of organic SEO.

    And that is how you add an extra zero to your income in SEO – it’s not from building one big giant site (anymore). That’s become too risky. Just ask Tim Carter ( what he thinks about Google “rewarding” quality sites.

    Not many people have this perspective because they don’t have the infrastructure, or the team, to test these things at length. It’s disheartening, but it’s the truth.

    My advice is to defintiely build a list and do what Jason is saying in those niches where it makes sense. Once you’re list is responsive enough and a little sizeable, Google traffic will be a distant memory and you won’t care.

    However, realize that the REAL money in the SEO landscape is generally inside niches where listbuilding just doesn’t fit.

    When you’re in markets like that, “amazing content” will not carry you to the end of the rainbow. You will get some traction, but not enough, and the cost/reward ratio is just too slim.

    You will eventually realize that scaling up = rolling multiple sites systematically. And that generally means going blackhat.

    In our current environment.

    That is the truth, and that is how things are going to stay until Google eventually moves the model towards paid-placement organically, which they are already.

    It’s a losing battle, for webmasters. My advice is to milk this MF for all she’s worth and live on the interest.


    • Jason Moffatt says:

      Good insights Chris,

      However, I think if something isn’t rewarded then you have to really look into whether or not it’s truly “great” or not. If it really is great, it will get shared and will naturally get a bunch of links. Even in a niche like dental insurance. Imagine if someone did a “Old Spice” type of commercial with dental insurance. That could be great and viral if done right. However, even Hemmingway writing a article about dental insurance probably wouldn’t get shared.

      I think it’s only a losing battle if you are playing the black hat game like you mentioned. I agree with you that it’s still a viable option, but for how long is anyone’s guess, and ultimately I don’t think it holds a candle to being the best of the best in your industry and delivering content that is 20 steps above the rest. Unfortunately for most, they are simply not that talented. Fortunately for the talented, it’s wide open spaces!

      • Chris Rempel says:

        What we have here is a clash in approach.

        You need to really weigh the ROI. It seriously doesn’t make sense to build “20-steps-higher” content in niches where you can’t build a list.

        It is a) 20 times faster and b) 20 times cheaper to go blackhat, rolling sites like a production line and soaking in profits – then selling those networks of sites off in batches to investment groups who know the game.

        Google is nowhere near as smart as people give them credit for. A simple inspection on of the big-time sites that are killing it in the high-comp markets will paint a very clear picture of how they got there.

        And 9/10 times, it ain’t from using the WhiteHat formula. Instead, it’s things like sitewide footer links, obvious blognets, crap spun distro, blogrolls, etc. Things that Google has “fixed” (yeah, right).

        Again, I’m talking about markets where listbuilding isn’t feasible. It’s so much more cost effective and profitable (currently) to build out a BH network of many different properties, hitting many different keyword spaces.

        Where it IS feasible to build lists, then obviously, SEO takes a backseat to content marketing. I know this from experience… I play both sides, as many reading this may know.

        Is it hypocritical?

        Well, don’t shoot the messenger.

        The problem lies with Google, and their severely faulted, biased algorithm.

        See, even when they “plug the holes”, all they do is open the door for the BH adapters. Example: YouTube. We all know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they favor YT unfairly in their SERPs.

        But for those who recognize the opportunity in that… that’s a good thing.

        So again, folks. It’s not a blanket “solution”.

        You may win, long term, by building “20 times higher” content in the uber-comp niches where listbuilding doesn’t mean much (eg. anything financial).

        But it will take you years to get there, and the whole time you’ll be watching guys like me consistently outrank you with 3-page EMD’s and simulated links.

        My suggestion?

        Play both sides. Have an authority site, sure. But also have 10 sites being rolled out at any given time – keep the cycle going.

        That gives you short term cash-flow and sell-off money to fund the war – and you’re going to need it.



  • Matt Greener says:

    Great points, it’s all about value.

    But many times, I see people don’t understand or misuse “value”. On one extreme, they focus entirely on creating great content, but forget or do a poor job of getting a signup, a sale or other from the traffic generated. This is basically value without a purpose or goal.

    The other side (which most people are on) is creating content only to push a signup or sale without any real value behind it, even if they try.

    You need both value and monetization or some sort of goal with your content and it takes more than just researching a keyword and putting up a quick article. It takes a long term strategy like you have mentioned and a long term strategy requires work and planning.

  • Rich says:

    Yeah the BTF product is pretty cool. I bought it a few months back, and aside from the crappy outdated wp theme they have in the members area, the content is super solid.

    One of Kelly’s tips when he was brainstorming and shootin from the hip, was to get an exact match domain for a specific product, in this case a plasma tv. And then put some original content on the blog and you will get ranked quick.

    I did just that and it worked killer! I made an Amazon commission when someone landed on my site and then clicked over and bought stuff on Amazon. I made like $120 in 24 hours. Pretty cool.

    Then Panda came along and wiped me away from the SERPS overnight. So while that was a good strategy, it was only a quick fix.

    I agree when you talk about SEO being long-term marathon that needs to stay away from shady practices.

  • Hey JMo,

    Recently google has been talking up adwords. At a recent G sponsored event I was attending the message in the room is that G is now delivering organic content based on your previous choices and less on how good the SEO is. As a result they were talking very strongly about the only way to be in front of every valid search was to be advertising and spending the dollars.

    Obviously this was a Pro G event, but it got me looking at my analytics and the truth is I’m getting more inbound traffic from terms I don’t even rank under when I search from my various accounts.

    On the other hand YouTube is a driving force of search and to ignore how powerful Youtube is getting is almost like saying there is no internet.

    What ever happened to your youtube stuff Jmo … That site is STILL relevant EVEN Today I use one of your tips to bring in BULK traffic.

    Bring back easy video sales JMo


  • David Norden says:

    From my experience the only SEO that works at this moment is Youtuvbe nd blogger and other authority sites. This is due to the fact that Google favoros his own properties to get higher adwords income. You can do as much good content as you want, Google has lost it marbles. This is due to the fact they want to want to counter SEO, but this just had an opposite effect, Kikking SEO, and yes also the social behaviour they deem good are also tricked, so the only thing to do today the only quick fix is get your content on Youtube that still allows keyword stuffing and get a link back to your properties for traffic, for the rest in those niches that are responsive long term, build a list.

  • Brad says:

    Great post, I love felix’s blog great job all the way around. Of coarse he is also involved with SEO BrainTrust Dan and Leslie are top in the SEO field for sure. Great content is on the top of the list for getting links for sure. But there is allot of other things that come into play. So far we have not lost any ground but we were doing white hat stuff before all the changes in the last year. Google has a long way to go in the realm of organic search I know they are trying. Definitely focus on content and focus on learning daily to but it all together. It’s normal for Sheryl to spend 4 hours a day reading on the subject of SEO to figure out whats new and working best.

    Knowledge is an investment you can’t loose on.
    Thanks Jason

  • Mark says:

    hi Guys,

    Some great comments above. I am in the camp of white hat seo and providing good content as i still think it has a part to play even if that part is getting smaller.

    Having said that content is not just the written word, video content has a big part to play and as mentioned by Billy should never be overlooked.

    Also Lets not forget social media, Google+ is becoming more prominent and will play an ever increasing role when it comes to Google rankings and local rankings.



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