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Guru Product Blueprints Opt In Pages

Today I want to share with you a new trend that I’ve seen taking place in the internet marketing world and break down why I think it’s working so well.

I also want to introduce you to Eben Pagan’s “Guru Product Blueprints” prelaunch material because…

1. Eben provides tremendous value in his free prelaunch videos.

2. If you resonate with the upfront value he gives, you may also be interested in his “Guru Product Blueprints“.


I first saw these type of opt in pages used by Ryan Deiss. Knowing Ryan as well as I do, I know he’s testing the heck out of these things. And therefore, they must be working well.

Below I’m going to show you 4 different type of opt in pages (aka: squeeze pages) that Eben Pagan is currently using in his Guru Product Blueprint launch. Whether or not you’re interested in the launch material is irrelevant. What I want you to focus on is the strategy being implemented with these pages.

Here are the four I’ve seen him rotating and testing…













So, lets break down what’s up with these pages…

First of all you can see they are pretty much just a simple image with a opt in form on them. Yep, it’s that simple.

But does this really work, and why?

Here is my educated guesses as to why I believe they work in certain markets (notice I said certain and not “all”)…

1. They are simple and there is very little distractions (except for a cute butt on a girly).

2. They employ pictures of a idyllic paradise (who doesn’t want to be hanging out at the beach right now? (pasty white albinos excluded).

3. This particular offer is challenging you by asking you to “Test Your Emotional Intelligence” (most of us are competitive in some sort).

4. It creates curiosity (what the heck is Emotional Intelligence?).

5. It offers you a FREE video (who doesn’t like free?). 

6. There is ONLY ONE OPTION! (giving people too many options often causes them to choose none.

After reviewing these 6 reasons it’s quite easy to see why a opt in page of this nature could potentially yield such a high rate of opt ins.

So my question to you is…

Does this compel you to sign up? Would you be open to trying a opt in page like this for your business?

I guarantee you’re about to see a whole lot more people mimicking this in the very near future. Of course once everyone and their grandmother has copied it, it will likely lose it’s effectiveness. But that’s ok because after that we can always test monkeys throwing poo or construction workers whistling at women from their scaffolding.

In the world of the internet, you just never know what is going to work unless you test it out.

So, how about testing your “Emotional Intelligence”?

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