July 14


“Dude, I’d Love To Pick Your Brain”

By Jason Moffatt

July 14, 2012

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“Dude, I’d Love To Pick Your Brain”

Please, please, pretty please DO NOT pick my brain!

It’s the biggest asset I have going for myself and the last thing I want is someone picking at it.

All joking aside, this phrase is my biggest pet peeve out there. I’m not exactly sure why, but I literally picture someone actually picking my brain with a fork when they say this and it’s not the most appealing thing.

However, I started turning this slight annoyance into a killer profit stream a few years ago. Here’s how it happened…

A newsletter subscriber kept begging to take me out to lunch to “Pick My Brain”. I kept ignoring him. Finally, after about the 4th email and his persistent asking I decided to tell him…

“I do lunch gigs for $500 an hour, and you pick up the lunch bill too”.

“No problem” he replied.


I was just trying to shove the guy away, yet he didn’t balk for half a second at the price. It was in that moment I realized to truly value my brain, and if people wanted to pick at it, it didn’t have to be a bad thing.

After that day I scheduled many lunch gigs, some for up to $1000 per hour. And to this day, I have no problem charging these types of fees because I know during that session I’m going to give advice that far exceeds their investment.

It’s a win win for both parties, and I don’t have to get all bitchy about them saying “Can I pick your brain”.

Anyhow, wouldn’t you love to be able to charge what you’re truly worth? Aren’t you sick of slaving away or handing over the entire farm for $20 an hour? I don’t even think a guy can pay his mortgage here in San Diego on $20 an hour.

This video, and the 2 in the series before it are so worth watching…


Click Here To Get Paid What You’re Truly Worth


It’s some solid content, and presented in a teaching style that makes it not only worth watching, but entertaining as well.


Jason “Profit” Moffatt

Jason Moffatt

About the author

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the most reliable paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs, health practitioners & those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little better than the last.

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