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Do You Have A Money Room?

I’d like to ask you a very important question.

Do you have a designated “Money Room”?

Okay, let me explain.

A Money Room is a place where you go to be creative, work and bring in the moolah. Before I move into any new home I always ask myself… “Where is the Money Room?”

Last week I once again moved into a new home. I know, I know, it feels like my 236th move in the last two years.  It’s a stunning home built on the golf course in the cute little surf town of Encinitas just north of San Diego. I actually left the oceanfront in La Jolla to share this dream home with my beautiful new fiancé Andrea. We have big hopes and dreams for this place.

Anyhow, when we were shopping for a new home I was very persistent about having a cozy room that was conducive to making money. Without it, there is no way I could justify the astronomical rent.

So, whether you live in a Bel Air mansion or a Tallahassee trailer park, it’s essential that you have a place you can go to make your money. Your money room doesn’t have to be an elaborate and expensive place, it just needs to be a place that will inspire you and put you in the mood to start cranking out the loot cakes.

One quick tip is you can decorate your desk with a Money Tree as seen here. Hey, it’s worth a try.



PS: Here’s the new Money Room. It’s yet to be broken in and needs some decoration, but I think it’s a nice start.

The Money Room

The Money Room

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Jason Moffatt

Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who uses his skills of keen observation and deductive reasoning to pinpoint the most reliable paths to success online. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs, health practitioners & those in the personal development space. Jason believes we’re all a work in progress and that each day presents an opportunity to be a little better than the last.

Facebook comments:

  • Matt Greener says:

    Absolutely, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it should be totally awesome and inspiring!

  • Ryan Even says:

    After running my business from my home for years, I’ve now moved into an actual office outside my home to act as my “money room”.

    My main goal was actually to try to make sure that when I’m home it’s “family time” so I can focus on my family instead of always thinking about work.

    I come to my new office everyday to work my ass off, then when I come home it’s free time (no focusing on work until I hit the office the next day).

    I might even stop checking my email outside of “Money Room” (AKA the office)!

    • Jason Moffatt says:

      I feel ya man. I had this perfect little office to rent on the oceanfront positioned right near one of my favorite surf spots. Only draw back was they only had DSL and no cable internet which was 8 times slower than what I had at home. I just can’t make that sacrifice. I reckon once a perfect scenario pops up, I’ll shift the “Money Room” into a office as well.

      • Troy says:

        Yes, having the office away from the family became much more productive. Tried the home office as main…being close with family..gonna be so great..get to see them all the time continuously interrupted..hear screaming/crying/loud talking(yelling)/talking/etc..even when it’s across the house…time not respected-hey you’re home, not really at work…plus you end up robbing family by doing work throughout the day cause it’s so near.

        So, didn’t work out so well…I like the new separation. That oceanfront office sounded nice!

        • Ryan Even says:

          Sounds like EXACTLY what I was experiencing Troy!

          Jason, I know what you mean about the slower internet… Even though my new office has both a T1 line and wireless cable internet, they are both a lot slower than my home cable connection.

          I always though T1 internet was super fast, but apparently it’s much slower than today’s typical cable internet connection.

  • mark grove says:

    Very classy and well set up Moe. You always inspire others to succeed and help others.

    Much peace and love in your new life.

    Mark in Canada

  • bruce jones says:

    great idea, really gets your mind set that this is a place to work. You walk in, you are at work

  • A money room would be great for me. I mainly sit on my couch with everything going on around me and that truly is a problem I am doing action taking steps but when I finally get out of this small home, I will have my money room (it is the first thing on my list of rooms to build) I know that it is very important to go to a place that has no distractions.
    I can’t wait.
    Until then I will move forward with or without distractions. I will never quit and I will be a success. I want to bring as many others as I possibly can with me. This frame of mind alone will get me to the top.
    Thanks for a great post.

  • Chris Hughes says:

    I don’t currently have one right now but I do plan on having one in my house at some point. At this point I just have my computer desk/workspace inside of my bedroom.

    I’d love to have an office separate from my bedroom at some point but I’m not at that point yet. Maybe i’ll just need to rent an actual office space to separate my work from my home life like Ryan mentioned above.

  • Encinitas is gold…

    Traveled through there last January after attending one of FK’s gig’s in Vegas. Happy daze…

    This is a great concept…and I’ve never thought of having a single room set for this purpose. I make sure the house feels right…but I think you’re onto something…

    You need that place to think. Something I do a lot of, I find it much more important than most other time wasters…TV,surfing the net etc…

    Happy daze to you, your girl, and the new digs…


    • Jason Moffatt says:

      Yeah man, a designated room is a great thing. We also have a “Love Room” specifically set aside so we always have a place that we can go to when we need to talk or communicate from the heart instead of from the mind and reactionary statements.

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