How To Get The Perfect White Balance On Your Videos On Kajabi

Apr 01, 2019

Today's video is all about white balance. White balance is a great tool to make sure that the colors you see with your own eyes reflect what you get in your camera.

You don't want your colors to be too cold, bluish or too warm, orange. Now, let me just preface this by saying that auto white balance that comes with most of your cameras will be perfectly fine in most cases.

However, it doesn't always stay consistent. So here's what you'll need to set your own custom white balance.

A piece of white paper! That's it.

You can find plenty of white balance cars for sale on the web, but for this tutorial intent and purpose, we'll just use a plain white sheet of paper. To set a custom white balance, simply hold up your piece of paper, take a picture, and go into your camera settings to set the custom white balance. Select the picture that you just took and boom, you have a custom white balance.

Please refer to your cameras user manual to say custom white balance. And that's basically it. White balance is meant to keep your videos looking awesome and consistent in color. Tune in next week where I battled David for the official video boy title.