Dogs By Ori - EP: 47

Sep 14, 2016

My buddy Ori Bengal is one of the most unique and talented characters I’ve ever met on the internet. Watching his entrepreneurial evolution over the last decade has been a real treat.

Like me, Ori is an ADHD poster child, which is why his latest venture in life is so impressive. Ori has been creating some sort of art every day for over the last 1600 days. Yes, every single day.

I’ll admit when he started out some of the art pieces seemed like chicken scratch. I was like… “Really?”.

But he kept at it, every single day. Relentless, passionate, and visionary are words I’d use to describe Ori. I’m so stoked for this guy.

In episode #47 on The Profit Moffatt Show, Ori and I talk about that journey and how he got to his new projects Dogs By Ori.

If you have a pet, I highly encourage you to check out his websites, and if you like them, hit him up to commission a painting. In fact, if you go here… you can even get a Profit Moffatt discount by visiting this link right here.