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The easiest path to success is already located right inside of you. Let me help you tap into your greatness and your true authentic self.

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Jason Moffatt is a former private detective turned internet marketer who used his stealth stalking skills to pinpoint the easiest path to success online. While many marketers spend time and energy trying to grow their business with external tools and automated software, Jason believes there's another path to success. A path that lies within you. A combination of humor, personal growth, and quick action. The Art Of Authenticity is a book that will open your eyes to a more natural and honest way of running your business.

Kevin Rogerswww.CopyChief.com

"You are uniquely qualified on this subject, Jason. First time I met you was like seeing an old friend. And every time we talk it's the same. I've always said you are the best (and now, longest running) reality show there is."

Joe Fierwww.JoeFier.com

"Great work dude. You are the real deal online and every time we’ve hung out, it’s been the same. Authenticity runs through your veins."

Wendi Friesenwww.Wendi.com

"Beautiful, inspiring, honest."

The Easiest Path To Success Is Already Located Right Inside Of You!

The Art Of Authenticity Book

Just pay a small S&H fee.

What Others Are Saying About Jason & The Art Of Authenticity...

“Yay! I’m really happy you are sharing this deep truth. Beautiful and full of heart.” - Michelle Edwards

"The more I learn about your past, the more impressed I am with the man you are now. Good stuff, Jason.” - Jeannie Martin-Sago

"Just what I needed to read at this moment in time.” - Alison Sanguy

"Jason is a brilliant writer.” - Peter Platnum Osigbe

“Just the perfect message for me to receive now that I’m back on the road to recovery! Thank-you, this will get me through the hard hours of rehab, I just know it will! Love you Jason.” - Amanda Van Der Gulik

"When I read these chapters I get an uncanny feeling we have led similar parallel lives, decades apart. It just resonates. Great job!” - Thomas Fouts

Here's Some Of The Lightbulb Moments
You'll Discover In This Book...

  • Discover an almost magical exercise that will tap directly into your highest authentic self. From here, you can do anything that you put your  mind to. 
  • A little-known way to freestyle your thoughts so you become a never-ending content factory.
  • The "Stillness Secret" that allows you to effortlessly flow without worry of what others will say about you. Master this and life will never be the same again. 
  • The cold hard truth about why we lie and how to always remain congruent and truthful
  • How to manifest the ultimate peer group that you always look forward to hanging out with. 
  • The secret to getting everything you ever wanted. Most people never accomplish this because they miss this crucial and simple first step. 
  • Why the things you input into your mind affects the output of your thoughts and how one little tweak can change your life
  • A counter-intuitive process that will help you appreciate all things in your life, good or bad. 

Just pay a small S&H fee.